Driver Training
Center Planning

Fahrtechnikzentren | Driver Training Center Planning

Driver Training Facilities help to reduce injuries, crashes and therefore set up a standard in fulfilling national requirements in safety. But also save fuel and keep companies' budgets low.

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We create, plan and manage the construction of high-tech road safety centers for the ultimate behind-the-wheel-training.

We have earned an expert reputation for technical excellence on some of the world's most prominent and challenging projects.

Modules, also implemented in design and planning, are: Skidding plates, circles, downhill tracks, dynamic areas and a 2-wheel area. Water or mechanical obstacles will increase the superior objectives of driver training, such as recognizing dangers as early as possible, avoiding danger and coping with critical situations.

The mixture of different training modules offers drivers the opportunity to reinforce correct reactions and behaviors in critical driving situations and therefore improve skills, knowledge and awareness.